Which Backpack Type Is Suitable For Your Hiking Trips?

Which Backpack Type Is Suitable For Your Hiking Trips?

Backpacks are an integrated part of your hiking trips. All you gears will be in your backpack and you’ll have to rely on it for your supplies for the whole time you are out. That’s why, your backpack must be sturdy, lightweight, reliable, durable, and easy to carry. However, most people make the mistake of choosing a random a backpack for hiking even though the types of backpacks are significantly clear distinct from each other. Here is which backpack type is suitable for you.

In order to get the best performance and suitability depending on your hiking time, place and season, the backpacks, it is best that you know about you’re the different types of backpacks for hiking and choose your backpack yourself. Listed below are the different types of backpacks are suitable for hiking. Reading about these can help you decide the best backpack type suitable for hiking.

Type of backpacks

The basic backpack types are:

  1. Weekend Backpack
  2. Multiday Backpack
  3. Extended-Trip Backpack

Weekend Backpack

Weekend backpacks are the most common types of backpacks that new hikers use because most hikers usually hike on the weekends for 1-2 days and these weekend bags are perfect for such a short period of time.

If you have new, advanced, and less bulky gears to bring along, this pack can even store your gears and supplies for 3-4 days. But I’d suggest taking them for 2 days at max because you will want to use it again which is why you cannot go rough on the backpack.

These backpacks are easy to carry as they are extremely lightweight and have a volume of 30-50 liters which is more than enough for 2-3 days of gears and supplies.

Multiday backpacks

If you are a regular hiker who goes out on the while every once in a while, this type of bags might be perfect for you.

These backpacks have 50-80 liters of volume and can easily store your necessary gears and supplies for 3-5 days.

This type of backpacks are mostly designed for summer when the air is almost dry.

Extended-Trip Backpacks

If you want to stay out there for more than 4-5 days or just hiking in winter, these backpacks are perfect for you.

First of all, the capacity of these Extended-trip backpacks is more than 70 liters, which is why you can almost anything you want.

Also, due to their massive storage capacity, these backpacks are perfect for mountaineering, skiing or just winter hiking. In winter or in high altitude place from the ground like mountain tops the temperature is way below than what we are comfortable with. So you’ll need to carry heavy jackets, mufflers, and other clothes that might keep you warm from the cold. These backpacks are perfect for storing and carrying these clothes, jackets, or sweaters.

Besides, if you are planning a family hike, this type of bigger bags are needed. A backpack like this will easily fit 3-4 persons’ gears and supplies for a day or two.


Now that you know which type of backpack you are going to get, you can start packing your gears and supplies and head out. Make sure you read my 6 Ultralight Backpacking Tips, it’ll help you pack lighter.

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