5 Things You Must Do When You Are Solo Hiking

5 Things You Must Do When You Are Solo Hiking

There are divided opinions among hikers on whether solo hiking is good for them or not. However, knowing the pros and cons of solo hiking, I’m slightly in favor of going on solo on hiking mainly because I enjoyed every time I’ve been to one.

Also, I’ve learned my fair share of lessons from all those solo outings of mine and from my experience, I can tell you what are the actual musts to do when you are solo hiking.

Bring Backup

As I’ve said many times, when you are on the trail, there won’t be anyone to borrow foods or water from. So, the best thing to do is carry some extra food, gears, and supplies just in case.

Just throw in a few snacks on your bag, some extra clothes for extremely cold weather, paper map, and maybe a tarp for immediate shelter.

But if you are afraid to carry a little extra weight, let me tell you upfront, solo hiking is a bad idea for you.

Let People Know Your Plan

Your friends and family might be worried about you when you are out on the trail. But you are not taking them with you and since you are not taking them with you, you can at least let them know about your plan like where you’ll be going, how much will you be spending on that trail, what are the main points, route, etc.

This is just you telling your family that where you’ll be at a time and when you will you be returning.

Be As Conservative As Possible

When you are hiking alone, it pays to be conservative as there won’t be anyone to borrow chips from or anyone to help you in emergencies. You’ll have to handle any emergency situations on your own and ensure your supplies are with you.

That’s why my suggestion is to go out on the trail when other hikers might roam around at that place. True that people won’t come running when you are stuck in a bad situation but it won’t hurt to be in the trail when you know others are just around.

Also, stick with tracks you are familiar with. Maybe even choose the easiest trail if you are solo hiking for the first time.

Do Your Homework

I know that I’ve talked about it so many times but I don’t think it’s enough.

Every time you leave for the trail, you must do your research on the trail, the weather, the landscapes.

This is a must for all hikes, especially when you are solo hiking.

Enjoy it

Lastly, do what you came here to do, ENJOY.

The main reason why came to this very trail is that you want to explore it in every way possible and enjoy the landscapes & beautiful sceneries.

You can throw in some podcasts or audiobooks while you walk in the beautiful trail. I usually put on some music because it helps me get into the mood to enjoy the trail at the fullest.

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