Things To Remember While Taking Your Camera On A Hike

Things To Remember While Taking Your Camera On A Hike

I am not photogenic in any sense but I love taking photos of other people and landscapes.

When I was about 12-13, my dad bought me a diary and I used to write what I did every day in that diary. These days, photos have become our diaries. When we see the photos in our Facebook memories, we immediately remember the story behind it. This is the main reason I never miss a chance to snap a group photo or the landscapes on the way.

But it’s not easy to take good photos out there especially when the lighting is beyond our control. I previously shared a few photography tips for hikers so today I thought I’d remind you few things about carrying and taking care of the camera so that you don’t miss a good shot.

Pack the lenses, batteries, tripod, sensors, etc.

If you are expecting a good view on the trail, you better be equipped with your camera gears to snap it at the right moment. A good camera alone is not enough to capture the best shot. You need suitable lenses for the view, maybe a tripod for a still position or even some extra batteries so that your camera is always good to go. For this you need a good quality hiking camera backpack.

However, you don’t need to pack every camera gear you own – it will just make a load on your shoulder. What you can do is take essentials like the wide-angle lens and a regular lens or any other specific lens if you know what kind of shot you are expecting. If you have a steady hand and you’ve taken good portraits with your hand for years, you won’t need a tripod.

But don’t leave your cleaning gears. If by any chance your lenses need immediate cleaning, waiting till you return home can cause a serious spot on it.

Here are a few tips about how to carry camera on a hike:

Keep your camera batteries in a warm and dry place

Many people are unaware of the fact that batteries kept in cold will burn out faster than usual. That’s why it is advised that you carry the batteries in a close, dry pouch where cold breezes can’t get in.

No Liquids on-board

When you have a camera or the camera gears on your backpack, it is best to avoid storing any liquid food or water alongside. Even if you are really careful with packing, things can go sideways and you may end up with a drowning camera lens in your bag.

Take care of the situation immediately

As I’ve said before – if your camera needs cleaning, do it immediately, don’t wait till you reach home.

Also, it is important that you clean the lenses when you are putting the camera back on your backpack. Nothing professional, just wipe it with a brush or a fresh cloth.

Use a tripod, not the branches

If you are expecting shots where you’d need a stable position or planning to snap a good group photo, taking a tripod is the best thing to do.

If you forgot to bring one, just capture with your hand and for a group photo, use your phone’s front camera. But never hang your camera up on a branch or on an unstable position. Your camera is worth more than a group photo that you can take with just your phone.

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