How To Use A Signal Mirror In Hiking

How To Use A Signal Mirror In Hiking

There will be times when you get lost in the trail or stranded on a jungle that you can’t even find a way out. If you know how to signal for help, there is a possibility someone might see your signal and come to the rescue to save you from that situation. For this you need to learn how to use signal mirror in hiking.

A common way to signal is using a signal mirror and get the attention of someone from a good distance. Besides, they work even in low lights. So today, I’ll be talking about signal mirrors and how to use them for signaling.

Instruction on the back

Before I proceed, I should let you know that many of the signal mirrors have instructions written on the back.

If somehow your signal mirror doesn’t have any instructions on it, this how-to-tutorial is for you.

Two ways of using signal mirrors

There are two basic ways you can use the signal mirrors.

  1. Focus for help
  2. Sweeping the Horizon

Focus for help

Most of the signal mirrors come with a retroreflective material like- part in the middle of the mirror and that’s the main part which is used for signaling. This part is there for you to aim with it.

Firstly, put the mirror near your eyes and put the hole or the retroreflective in front of your eyes. Now look slightly downwards to get the reflection to something near you so that you can get a hold of the bright light you are seeing from the hole or material.

Then move your head, eye, and mirror altogether to spot the target. Then you can move the mirror in different angles from the same place to make sure the light flashes at your target.

The target can be someone at your viewing distance or sight or a vehicle moving at a great distance within your field of view.

You can also do morse code with the signaling mirror if you just want to give them a message.

But what happens when there is no target, human, or vehicle within your sight?

Sweeping the horizon

This method is useful when you don’t see someone around to see your signal and come for your help.

You can sweep the horizon with your signal mirror, hoping someone will see from a distance who is beyond your eyesight. Do this every 10-15 minutes so that someone passing around can spot it.

In case you are wondering whether the light will go beyond or sight or not, lights travel a lot faster and can be seen from a great distance. So if you could manage to sweep the signal mirror along the horizon, the light will definitely go beyond your sight and people at a great distance will spot the collective rays shown at them.

This is useful when you are at a high altitude, deep in a jungle or near the seas where vehicles from the ground, rescue helicopters from the sky or boats in the sea can see your signal and come at your aid.

I am sure that you would have learnt how to use signal mirror in hiking.

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