How To Be Prepared for Medical Emergencies On Hiking

How To Be Prepared for Medical Emergencies On Hiking

Medical emergencies can be anything from breathing irregularly to major accidents. You never know when you’ll need to face these emergency situations. So it’s better to be prepared for such an event.

Here’s how:

Learn the Basics: CPR & Primary First Aid

Even if you are not going on a hike very soon, you should learn CPR and basic first aid hacks.

There are lots of free resources online from where you can learn them. Your local hospital may help you with that too.

I’m also thinking of explaining CPR in future as a blog post for you guys. Watch out for that.

Keep a first aid book on your backpack

If you are not a doctor or paramedic, you can’t know everything.

A good reference book can come in handy in unusual situations where you basic training won’t be sufficient.

You can keep the first aid book by American Red Cross. It’s a good one.

Pack the first aid kit

If you already know what goes in a first aid kit for hiking, get the supplies and pack them in a bag or small box, put it inside your backpack so that you don’t forget.

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about the first aid kit. Search online, see in the first aid book or search my blog, you’ll find it.

Keep people update of your whereabouts

Before leaving for the trail, it is best that you inform your friends and family about your destination and route. Also, keep them updated with your location.

Google Maps have a location sharing option that you can use to let people know where you are at that moment. This will help emergency help reach you faster.

Pack your medicines

If you are on prescribed drugs, don’t leave those behind. As a matter of fact, carry extra medicine in case you lost a few of them.

Remember, if you ignore taking your prescribed medicine, you may suffer from long-term issues. Also, not taking them timely can instantly affect you like not taking inhalers which will lead to breathing problem.

Don’t go solo if you have any health issues

Your family definitely appreciates your enthusiasm for hiking. But that doesn’t justify you going on your own for days, especially if you have any health condition.

Don’t make them worried the whole time you are out. Tag along few friends and enjoy the hike together.

Inform others about your situation

Let your fellow hikers know about your condition. This way, they will be prepared and won’t freak out if your condition seems to take a negative direction.

Know where the nearest emergency room is

Before entering the rough trail, please make sure you and everyone in your team know where the nearest emergency room is so that in an emergency, you know where to go.

Don’t try to do things yourself

If you have no idea about the situation or the medical condition, please don’t over-think and try to do things on your own. You may just make it worse.

Wait for help to come or go to people who know about these kinds of stuff, a doctor.


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