About Us

Our Goal

Here at FirstHiker, our goal is to help make your backpacking experience for hiking easier,
safer, and most importantly, more enjoyable so that you can feel the nature and explore the
trails at the fullest. We help you get prepared for the trail with proper gears as well as hiking tips
& hacks.

We update our blog regularly so that you have fresh tips & hacks to read every time you visit
FirstHiker. Along with the handy blog posts that we publish regularly, we also feature gears for
the hike and review them so that you can have everything you need to be safe, prepared and to
enjoy the hike with your loved ones.

FirstHiker is here as a one-stop solution for all your hiking needs – from trail reviews to gears to
trails hacks, everything in one place.

Who Are We?

We are a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts who like to talk about the trail and share our opinion,
expertise and reviews on hiking gears and the trails we visit.

Who Are We For?

FirstHiker is for the hiking enthusiasts who can’t stop learning and exploring, and it is by a group
of hiking enthusiasts who can’t resist the temptation of sharing. We call it the one-stop solution
for all your need because everything you need, we got right here, even before you searched for

Our gears, tips, and hacks are for hikers who either started exploring the world or someone who
has frequent flyer badge already. No matter how much you know or what little experience you
have about hiking, we got you covered.